Information Security & Intelligence


The basis for knowledge is information.  One of the most significant challenges facing everyone - from individuals to corporations to the country - is maintaining, securing and interpreting information.  The Information Security & Intelligence program (ISI) at Ferris State University addresses this challenge head-on.  You will develop skills in a variety of leading edge technologies such as digital forensics, penetration testing, secure software, network security, link/visual analysis as well as a broad cultural background to provide a basis for interpreting information and its ethical use.  Sound like a unique program?  It is!  There isn’t a program like this in the country!  Spend some time on this site and learn how you can become one of the leaders in Information Security & Intelligence.  Listen to the ISI Podcasts for more information and apply online.


  1. 1.Digital Forensics

  2. 2.Penetration Testing & Secure Software

  3. 3.Network Security

  4. 4.Combine with other degrees or minors

The Challenge...


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